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The For the time being Egyelőre Műbőrdzseki Amatőr Színtársulat will present the Charity Performance on 20 February 2023. During the event, our Association raised a donation of 148,700 HUF at the Charity Performance. Thank you again!


Trials in the Életrevaló Házban!

For the time being, the Egyelőre Műbőrdzseki Amatőr Színtársulat is working hard for the performance on 20 February!
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2023 started!

The Életrevaló Egyesület, has successfully started the year 2023! The sessions started on time and all interested young people are welcome!


Happy New Year!

The Életrevaló Egyesület,Wishes you all a happy and prosperous New Year!


Christmas in the Életrevaló Ház!

In December 2022, the Christmas party of the Életrevaló Egyesülklet took place! The children were able to make crafts and enjoy lots of delicious snacks! Éva Preszl also gave an annual appreciation speech, in which she expressed how great a team the children and the professionals make!

A common song with Eszter Kárász!

Listen with a lot of love!


BLOSSOM Project exhibition in the Életrevaló Ház!

A joint project of Tímea Pók, sculptor, art drawing and art history teacher at secondary school and Luca Pataki, painter. The 11th grade students of the Szent László High School in Kőbánya with the first and second grade students of the Wesley János Elementary School. students of the school. While our students tried to explore the children's aspirations, they often left the their comfort zone. The process is an unfolding of an inner growth, a blossoming. The exhibition will be on display at the Életrevaló Ház until 30 November 2022!
1101 Budapest MÁV telep 30-as épület


The Kőbányai Kábítószer Egyeztető Fórum next meeting at Életrevaló Ház!

"Say no to bullying! Bullying among non-student, non-working students" - presentation of the Erasmus 2020-1-HU01-KA204-078736 project. As part of the presentation, the project products - handbook, teaching materials and a bullying prevention game. Presenter: Zuzsanna Kun


Válaszúton film screening at Bem cinema!

The members of the press had the opportunity to watch our film Válaszúton at the Bem cinema. The event was opened by Éva Preszl and Bálint Tóth. It will soon be available on RTL's new streaming platform RTL+. The film Válaszúton (Crossroads) raises awareness about the workings of child prostitution and human trafficking. Read more Supported by, MOL Alapítvány



For the fourth time we have been included in the Edison Platform's Edison100 list. On the Edison100 list you will find innovative and future-friendly initiatives that are developing the knowledge and skills of kindergarten and primary school children that will be important for the future, beyond the classroom.
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Életrevaló Egyesület in TV10!

Éva Preszl, professional leader, gave an interview to TV10 on the Szent László Days in Kőbánya!


Önismereti Filmes Műhely Summer Arts Afternoon Camp!

The camp is free of charge, but pre-registration is recommended. The camp is held at 1101 Budapest MÁV-telep building 30. Programmes can be found here. Register for the camp:
Preszl Éva


Thank you to János Csepregi, writer, and Boglárka Paulovkin, graphic artist, for bringing the Writers' Union programme to the young people of the Film Workshop. A wonderful book is in the making with their help! Thank you!


Our adventure in Szokolya

We thank the Meta Művészeti Központ for inviting us to Szokolya and congratulate them on their birthday. Zsófi Heit held a drama education session and presented the programmes of our association.


We have signed a contract with Sziget Cultural Management Office Zrt.

We have great news! We have signed the contract and WE ARE HERE ON THE ISLAND. We are looking forward to welcoming you all at our tent!


Realistic Summer Camp 2022.07.25 to 2022.07.29 Budapest X district Máv-telep building 30. Who are we waiting for? Anyone from 9 to 18 years old. Programme: drawing, painting, drama, movement culture, dance, filming. 3 meals a day. Arrival daily until 9 am, closing at 4 pm. On-call service by prior arrangement.

The camp costs 40000 HUF/person.




On 3 June 2022, we received the news from Sziget Cultural Management Office Zrt that our application for Sziget was accepted. A total of 40 organisations are allowed to set up and we are included, which is incredible. everyone is incredibly happy. Anyone going to the Island Festival is very welcome to our tent! There will be lots of exciting activities to be found here! #azéletrevaloszigetelése


On 11 June 2022, we will go to Szokolya with the young people of the Self-awareness Film Workshop, at the invitation of the Meta Arts Centre. There will be a lot of colourful, cultural programmes on site.


In 2022, our Film Workshop programme will continue. With many new projects and opportunities for our young people.

Drama teachers: Heit Zsófia, és Végh Zoltán.

Movement culture development: Makács Anita Nóra.

Painting: Preszl Éva

There will be film-making, literature, mental health support.....


Az Életrevaló Karitatív Egyesület Önismereti filmes Műhely logo designer

was won by Dávid Pócsik (Sopron), the jury decided

decision. Congratulations! The official logo of the Filmmakers' Workshop on Self-Awareness is ready. Welcome to with love!

From 2022, you can also see it on the wall of the Életrevaló house!


Az Életrevaló Egyesület Önismereti Filmes Műhelyében , our cooperation partner, the Északi Támpont Egyesület, with the support of the MOL Foundation, made a clip, NESZETAMÁS KLIPSZEMLEÉN! Come on, VOTERS!

Here you can vote: Go to the site


Our Önismereti Film Workshop's short film Válaszúton / Crossroads won the "Best Hungarian fiction short film" award at the BUSHO film festival on 04.09.2021.

Director: Chilton Flóra.
Strategy Parter: Északi Támpont Egyesület
Thank you to everyone involved in the making of the film and the programme.

Supporter: MOL Alapítvány



Today we could enjoy the love of our Önismereti Film Workshop and the Origo Filmgroup Zrt The film factory, the studios , their technical facilities, interesting stories, a series of films made here. Film factory managers and and their staff guided us through. We were also shown sets in the making. We learned that it takes much more months to prepare a film than we thought - even years. We saw that trailer, where Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie were resting during filming.
A delicious lunch followed by a premiere screening. Lots of fun for kids and adults alike.

Thank you!



We have Beautiful news!!
Önismereti Filmes Műhely were shortlisted for the third time in the Edison100. Very honoured! Please vote for us as your favourite Edison100 organisation! The Edisonplatform Thinking Circles has compiled for the third time this year a list of 100 innovative and future-friendly initiatives that develop the future critical knowledge and skills of kindergarten and school children beyond the classroom. We are proud to be one of them!